Full-cycle ecosystem for efficient cinema management

It can be installed in your cinema either as standalone modules — customized to address specific business challenges — or as a complete turnkey ecosystem for cinema management
Вack office of your cinema + Front office (showcase for interaction with the client)
We work hard every day to improve the lives and happiness of our clients
  • Reliability
    with cloud backup database
  • High speed
    due to client-server architecture
  • Reducing the risks
    of the human factor
  • Automation
    of typical processes due to boxed solutions
  • Comprehensive problem solving
    by linking services and products into a single ecosystem
  • Predictive analysis, planning, and accounting
    as the basis for sound management decisions
MAVERICK is your business partner

We can tailor our solutions to meet our customers’ needs, whether for a standalone movie theater or for a large chain of multiplexes. We have extensive expertise in all kinds of integrations, with satisfied clients all over the globe, and more than 300 screens currently in operation

Seller (cash register software)
Сustomization for your business, with a user-friendly interface (customizable blocks for selecting goods and services, system of prompts to help the cashier identify bestsellers and promotional items)
  • Automatic selection of the best seats in the cinema hall
  • Integration with Restaurant management application
  • Placement of advertising on the client's screen
  • Integration with the client's screen, with fiscal registrars, with scales
  • Accounting for guest service time and personal sales results of cashiers
  • Booking tickets and processing of pre-orders
  • Integration with loyalty programs (system of discounts, promo codes, in-game currency and cashback)
Website builder
Website is a hallmark of every business

Quick creation of a specialized cinema website.
Integration with other sales channels and existing systems.
office software for business management through Dashboard
  • Integration
    Integration with all the MAVERICK ecosystem services
  • Analysis
    System of predictive analysis, planning, and accounting
  • Reporting
    Multi-level access reporting system (for different departments in your organization)
  • Modern dashboard
    Important industry metrics on one screen, ability to configure push notifications for the critical metrics
  • Planning
    Planning of movie screening with the option to automatically download movie information
CRM system for clients
Accumulation of user history across all points of sale or other contact with any of the MAVERICK services
  • Built-in email marketing service
  • Boxed solutions for combo products
  • Discount system
  • Certificate system
  • Promo code system
  • Loyalty programs with a flexible system of customer levels and automatic bonus accrual:
    • based on in-game currency logic
    • based on cashback


Full-cycle ecosystem for efficient cinema management

We help you save money through process automation and business management tools, while also maximizing your earnings

We take the time to understand the unique needs and challenges of your business, and offer tailored solutions to each customer